Be A Star!

Mix audio files for music videos.                                                                                    ROCK with us!                                                     
Music / Audio / Video

  Make your own games!

  Game Design- 3D - programming!                                                        
  YOUR Summer - YOUR game!                                                                                                                                      
Game Creator

Tell an important story!

Story-boarding, filming, editing.      

Messege + Medium = FUN

Video & Digital Photography

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Seattle Center / Armory Building 

 Our home-base is the Armory Building... but it's in a space you probably never knew existed! Way up on the 4th floor (did you know there was a 4th floor?!?) The coolest creative space in Seattle Center is ours this summer! More lights, more cameras, more action!

We will be moving around the Seattle Center / Lower Queen Anne area. We'll take advantage of our beautiful landmark location under the Space Needle enjoying the grass, fountains, and great open areas when collecting video footage or photos to use in projects and for recreation periods. 

 Early Bird Special saves $50/week off tuition and $20/week off computer rental. Save up to $70 if you regsiter by 3/16/18.

 Day camp options and details

Seattle Center - Vera Project Building
305 Warren Ave N
Seattle, Washington 98109
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Seattle Center - Vera Project summer computer technology camp map

 Program Options  Tuiton  Early Bird  Hours
 Early Start   500* 450*  8:30 - 4:00 
 Late Start  500* 450*  10 - 5:30 
 All Day  560* 510*  8:30 - 5:30 
 *Laptop Rental  69 49   weekly

 *Use of a camp laptop adds $69/week. We encourage campers to bring their own laptops if they meet software requirements. ($49 if you regsiter by 3/16/18) 

 Lunch NOT included. 

 Bring a sack lunch or cash daily.


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Please come join us for a fun filled summer technology camp experience at our premier Seattle Center location and enjoy summer under the Space Needle!

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