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Mix audio files for music videos.                                                                                    ROCK with us!                                                     
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  Make your own games!

  Game Design- 3D - programming!                                                        
  YOUR Summer - YOUR game!                                                                                                                                      
Game Creator

Tell an important story!

Story-boarding, filming, editing.      

Messege + Medium = FUN

Video & Digital Photography

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Camp Approach

Camp TechWise students receive a personalized experience! We have more instructors (staff to camper ratio of 1:5), highest caliber on-site supervisors with decades of professional experience (not seasonal directors), plus a dedicated IT industry expert for our technical support and advanced IT class workshops! More staff means more attention to what your camper wants to learn.

Camp TechWise has a personalized inspirational approach! We believe in instructor- inspired, kid-centric content. Our knowledgeable day camp staff design projects and challenges with your child's involvement and around your child’s interests!

  • Motivation is the key in learning. A computer camp project that taps into your child’s passion will assure they build skills, care enough to problem solve the sticky parts, polish and complete projects and feel self-determination and pride.
  • Some computer day camps use tutorials and brag that kids can go at their own pace while other computer camps will talk about instructor-led lesson plans. In either situation, regardless of the learning modality, kids may not be interested in the projects because they are not personal. At Camp TechWise even our warm-up projects are personalized.
  • Yes, kids go at their own pace at Camp TechWise! Every child is moving at the speed of creativity!
  • Our computer day camp workshops are conducted in small groups and are age and skill level appropriate. This means that our leadership team is adjusting the camp workshop schedule around the campers for each week. We are adjusting topics as kids move at different speeds and because we are well staffed, we have the capacity to accomplish this. We don't leave one staff "on their own" to try to work with a diverse group of kids.
  • Our staff CAN keep up! Our camp staff contains amazingly seasoned technology professionals who have built cutting edge software applications as well as talented young inspirational college-age instructors who are adept at stretching software's potential. All these innovative minded experts will help our young learners realize how limitless the technology horizon is today. No other computer camp has the type of camp team we have built for you.

Camp TechWise operates summer technology day camps and workshops for children who love technology in Seattle.
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