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Mix audio files for music videos.                                                                                    ROCK with us!                                                     
Music / Audio / Video

  Make your own games!

  Game Design- 3D - programming!                                                        
  YOUR Summer - YOUR game!                                                                                                                                      
Game Creator

Tell an important story!

Story-boarding, filming, editing.      

Messege + Medium = FUN

Video & Digital Photography

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Computer Networking Workshop

Overview: Campers connect several computers to create a network and learn about Ethernet cards, hubs, switches, routers, and how to make networking cables, IP addresses, TCP/IP, and network protocols as well as how to set up shared storage and network printers. We will also show students VMware and how to protect your system with a firewall and anti-virus/spam/spyware utilities.

Software Used: VMware

Age & Skill Levels: 13 - 16

This is available only as a "Secondary" topic. Secondary topics run for 90 minute sessions each day, however you can continue to work on projects from this workshop throughout the day if you choose.



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