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Music / Audio / Video

  Make your own games!

  Game Design- 3D - programming!                                                        
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Game Creator

Tell an important story!

Story-boarding, filming, editing.      

Messege + Medium = FUN

Video & Digital Photography

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Computer Technology Camp Workshops


Each camper will choose a "primary topic” (the thing they MOST want to do at camp). This is a project that they will work on throughout the week.

When registering, you can also indicate as many "secondary workshops” as your camper may find interesting. Indicating an interest in a secondary workshop doesn’t obligate the camper to join the workshop, it just helps us in planning. Campers can choose “in the moment” if they feel like jumping into a workshop. Campers can also decide to continue working on secondary topics outside of workshop time. Camper's summer, camper's choice!



Game Creators / Game Design: Students use game authoring software to build a multi-level computer game. Our game creation workshop will help kids learn the critical thinking and problem solving skills that goes into setting up rules and developing a user-experience. They will be able to build their own games and test their friend's games in this fun class geared towards the game lover who wants to unleash their imagination!

 Have fun learning:

  • Critical thinking & problem solving skills
  • How to establish game rules
  • Basic programming concepts
  • The planning and design of the user-experience


Music / Audio / Video: An incredible way to develop an appreciation for music and performance while learning awesome technology skills! This unique program will combine video with sound editing (multi-track production) and mix in a heavy dose of singing. Each camper will be the star in their own videos! This program has major take-aways in technology skills, but also in music and voice.

 This class is perfect for you If you:

  • Enjoy singing or making sounds (Beat box)
  • You're a musician
  • Want to learn how to mix sounds
  • Want to learn audio recording / editing software
  • Would like to learn video software

Video / Media / Digital Photography: Students will research, script, storyboard, shoot and edit a complete video short film. This course helps students plan out and communicate advanced and complex topics using photography and video. This is not just a course to learn how to cut and edit clips together - today’s software makes that part a no brainer. Our program is designed to take campers to the next level.

We will help students learn how to: 
  • Match content and medium
  • Make intense and effective messages 
  • Produce a video short. 
Common projects include: documentaries, spoofs, infomercials, scary movies, trailers, and visual narratives.


SECONDARY WORKSHOPS  (We offer new workshops all day long and campers can jump in anytime)

  • BitCoins / Cypto currency / Blockchain Mining: Maybe you have heard about this new BitCoin craze, maybe you have even jumpped in and bought some.  We can teach campers how it work and how to be a part of this latest technology movement. Mining blockchains is what creates the security for this new open ledger transaction system. 
  • Virtual Reality / Oculus: Build 3D objects to import into a 3D engine (like Unity), then we will split the image using Oculus and you can enjoy looking at your objects using our Google Cardboard glasses for a virtual reality experience. 
  • Programming: Intro to Programming. It’s not easy and you will be learning… but it is cool and the results are totally worth it! This is a fun and advanced programming challenge where you will be writing your own code. However, like all open projects we will tap into an awesome community of users which will provide some great ways to continue your endless learning! 
  • Digital Photography: Students select, shoot, manipulate, and present a portfolio & gallery of works that demonstrate a developed style and skill in digital images. While many camps focus on playing with Photoshop filters, our program is geared towards getting your child “on location” and/or “in studio” with a real photographer to help them develop their eye and attention to detail, photo composition and sense for color and lighting. Students are challenged to use the medium as a form of expression and to move the viewer. 
  • HTML/ PHP / Web Design: In the open world PHP is king. Our course covers HTML and PHP and also helps kids understand Style Sheets and skins (including the popular WordPress, Drupal and Joombla open source themes) to help kids jump in and innovate with the rest of us. The web world is an open world! This class takes your child out of the “box” of making “web pages” and teaches how to be a 2.0 star by understanding the world of Content Management Systems.
  • Engineering  / Robotics: We want to help kids put on an “engineering hat” and design, build, solve and innovate their own creations. This workshop is always unique. Some years we have brought in battle-bots some years we have' a moving target!
  • Linux:  Install a Linux-based operating system. Learn command line functionality and navigation and how to install open software and interfaces. 
  • Networking: Campers connect several computers to create a network and learn about Ethernet cards, hubs, switches, routers, and how to make networking cables, IP addresses, TCP/IP, and network protocols as well as how to set up shared storage and network printers. We will also show students VMware and how to protect your system with a firewall and anti virus/spam/spyware utilities. 
  • Machinima: This topic is a wonderful and creative way to make funny videos using the 3D animated characters available inside today's graphically rich video games. Students will use multi-player 3D games to create scenes and capture screen video. Adding voice-overs and sound effects they will create a short video project.  Fun for all. A million laughs a minute!

Plus anything else the campers ask for, the staff are passionate about, the director can think of, and/or is new and cool in the tech space!

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