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About Us

Camp TechWise is a summer camp program with a focus on educational enrichment and creative engagement in Technology for the Seattle area.

Camp TechWise was founded by veterans of the Computer Camp industry who have built and provided computer camps nationwide since 2000 (and at much higher price points). But in those early models of "computer camps" the emphasis was placed on high priced software and university venues. Back in the day when knowing such premier software was enough to make a career in a given field, that type of exposure was a good advantage, but it doesn't cut it anymore.

Knowing that it could be done better we opened Camp TechWise. The vision for our program was crystal clear. Without the constraints of a national footprint we knew that we could run a much more powerful summer computer camp experience. We could be on-site making this vision happen. We also knew that we could cut frivolous expenses and gross over-head and offer an improved computer camp at a price point that would allow even more kids to join us!


 We want to customize camp for you, we will start with...

> a computer camp that expands your camper's interests, knowledge and comfort

> a computer camp that helps campers express their creativity with technology

> to use the internet as our classroom so students will always know how to find information and remain life-long learners

> staff helping kids see technology in action in other areas, such as engineering and science

> your camper learning critical thinking skills, problem-solving approaches, and scientific methods so that they can tackle big challenges with confidence

> flexibility for families; adjustable schedules

> relaxed payment & refund policies

> easy drop-off/pick-ups

> a computer camp with hand picked staff that are fully engaged

> a camp that will teach what is new and emerging in technology

> staff to help your camper create hands-on projects they can be proud of

> a Camp Director who knows camps, kids, and staff, but most importantly how to listen to you


That's what we want to give you because we've been listening to families and students, teachers and technology experts for over a decade who have told us what they want.

Join us. We can't wait to hear how we can make camp perfect for you and your camper.


Camp TechWise operates summer technology day camps and workshops for children who love technology in Seattle.
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