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Got Game?

Gaming is your choice. 

While some families love that their kids can play computer game with friends at summer camp, other parents feel this is unacceptable and a waste. We understand both sides.

At some camps gaming creeps into the day and takes over. Not here!

But don't get us wrong, when it comes to game time NO OTHER CAMP HAS MORE TOYS! Xbox, wii, DDR, Rock Band... we just have a time and a place for it. And if your child is not gaming at camp, they won't feel left out since kids are moving around frequently between workshops or recreation periods.

Youth computer camp program overview

Camp TechWise offers 5-day computer day-camps in Seattle for kids ages 8 - 16.

Each participant will choose ONE of the “primary topics” at the time they enroll.

Once at camp, campers can decide to stay focused on their "primary topic / project" or jump into any number of “secondary workshops” which are offered throughout each day. Secondary topics include subjects such as programming, 3D Modeling and Animation, virtual reality with Oculus, website development, gaming, and also outside recreation and sports.

Our customizable computer camp program serves the needs of both the Techy-kids who want full-immersion and also those who want a program with a balance of several topics and/or recreation periods. 


Camp Hours:

You can begin at 8:30 AM or 10:00 AM and end the day at 4 PM or 5:30 PM.

Your Summer, Your Choice!



First time camper?

We understand that this may be your child's first time at a Tech Camp. As campers enter our program we talk to them about what they like to do and get a feel for their skill level. This helps us plan projects and workshops that will be appropriately challenging. We also pay attention to their social support in camp, making sure they build new friendships and are enjoying the camp experience. 



Regardless of how far a teen has progressed, there are always new things to learn and a way to take their camp projects to new and challenging levels. Our camp staff will be there to inspire the next step in group workshops and one-to-one mentorship.

We also want teens, who might become very involved with advanced projects to have the freedom to drop into (or out of) recreational periods each day. We are the computer camp that understands that sometimes, for some campers, missing Ultimate Frisbee is totally worth staying in the lab and working on their awesome project.

A little bit of extra freedom and privilege helps our teens thrive!



Camp TechWise operates summer technology day camps and workshops for children who love technology in Seattle.
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