Be A Star!

Mix audio files for music videos.                                                                                    ROCK with us!                                                     
Music / Audio / Video

  Make your own games!

  Game Design- 3D - programming!                                                        
  YOUR Summer - YOUR game!                                                                                                                                      
Game Creator

Tell an important story!

Story-boarding, filming, editing.      

Messege + Medium = FUN

Video & Digital Photography

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Why Camp TechWise?

1. Our personalized project approach! 
2. The absolute highest quantity and quality of staff! 
3. Customizable program schedules, which are suitable for “full immersion” or a “variety approach”. You can choose to balance the day with a recreational period or remain in learning workshops to squeeze the most project time out of the week. You can even choose to let your family sleep in this summer and still not miss camp!  Your summer, your choice!
4. “Let the world be my teacher!”  Amazing opertunities to learn abound on the internet. We help campers use the internet to problem-solve projects and find the great places to go for after-camp learning.
5. Owner-on-site! Your camp experience and customer service will be provided for and supervised by our professional camp director with 30 years camp administration experience; not by a seasonal director, a sales person, a college kid or faceless national company. The TechWise founder / director has decades of experience running youth summer camp programs with social and educational outcomes. Meet our leader and learn why the best summer enrichment program is in your own backyard.
6. Fun! Our focus on “fun” is not just a break from the computer it’s an intentional part of the camp experience!
7. Think Globally, Learn Locally! We know you want your child to be competitive in a global economy. You don’t have to drive far to give them the very best summer enrichment. Our convenient community locations offer top-notch workshops & learning right where you are.

Camp TechWise operates summer technology day camps and workshops for children who love technology in Seattle.
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