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Camp TechWise has been proudly providing the very best summer technology camp in Seattle since 2013. We consistently offer campers an individualized program that supports their creativity and interests. Yes, we adjusted to an online format in summer 2020... and families want us to keep going year-round. So we will.

Fall 2020 we have new platforms, schedules and pricing plans to offer.  Currently registering for October.

We provide extra value:

  • Unbeatable staff-to-camper ratio for tons of 1:1 time

  • Project-based learning

  • New "Online Community" forum supplements live-classes, for greater access to resources, staff and friends - offering parents an even better value.



Join us ONLINE for our new Tech Club and Classes.  Ages 8 - 16.


Register now for October.

Upcoming Sessions:

Session 1:  Oct  5th – 23rd

Session 2:  Nov 2nd – 20th

Session 3:  Nov 30th – Dec 18th

The last week of each month we will not run in-person sessions, but students will still have access to the Online Community with fellow campers and staff.



October  Sessions - Oct 3th - 25th

MWF     5 - 6:15 PM


This club is for students with either some experience or a real self-driven interest in programming.  Students will be encouraged and guided in projects using appropriate tools and resources.  It is project-based learning, not a lecture.  Computational thinking, troubleshooting, and tons of real-life programming solutions will be discovered as students work on projects.

Students will learn how to use GitHub, opening tickets for bugs, appropriately adding comments to their code, learn version control, project management, and other critical skills for collaboration in programming projects. Students in the Unity session who want to dig deeper into the game code can take these sessions as well.

Weekdays       3 - 5 PM

Game Design in Unity

Each month our staff will lead students through a Game Design project using Unity. 

October's project will allow students to build a new game mechanic each week, as they add to their game's complexity, expand and practice their skills with building game assets and applying scripts to bring their game's rules to life.

Students will learn how to use the #1 Game Design platform.  Code needed for the game will be presented and explained, and students will write their own code, but this is not a "coding class". Design elements and assets will be a mix of provided assets and customization so that each student will have their own unique project at the end of the month.

MWF         1 - 3 PM


Each month our staff will lead students through a Game Design projects and challenges using Roblox.  This will include making 3D objects, working with programming scripts, designing game content and rules, and lots of creativity as kids play with colors, build maps, and develop a story-line for their games.  Oh, plus plenty of "testing" time.

Tu & TH       1 - 3  PM


Each month our staff will lead students through a Game Design projects and challenges using Minecraft.  This will include making custom objects, working with programming scripts, designing game content and rules, and lots of creativity as kids build maps and mods in Minecraft and learn "Computercraft" to code bots. Each week in October will build on complexity.

*Code will be presented and explained, but this is not a "coding class". Students who choose to focus more on code will receive support, but coding is not required. 

Tu & Th    2:30 - 4:30 PM

Tech Club

In these sessions each student can work on their own project and receive help with troubleshooting, assistance identifying tech platforms to use to bring their ideas to life, and hang out with other techies who love to learn and share their love of everything tech.
This group is for anyone into networking administration, Linux, hardware, programming, databases, application development, goofing around with tech gadgets, games and memes, and exploring information securities in an ethical manner.  
These sessions partner well with the Unity or Programming workshops, as students can get help troubleshooting and extend their learning.



Game Design in Unity


3 - 5 PM

15 Live Sessions


24/7 Access to Discord Community till Oct 30th




1 - 3 PM

9 Live Sessions


Discord Community & Roblox Studio Projects till Oct 30th



Tu & Th

1 - 3 PM

6 Live Sessions


Discord Community & Private Minecraft Server till Oct 30th




5 - 6:15 PM

9 Live Sessions


24/7 Access to Discord Community till Oct 30th


Nothing fits?

If there is a challenge with schedule or pricing, please reach out to us.

We will always work with you.

Tech Club

Tu & Th

2:30 - 4:30 PM

6 Live Sessions


24/7 Access to Discord Community till Oct 30th



About Us

"Being with YOUR people"... kids need it now more than ever.

We have offered 5-day tech day-camps in Seattle for kids ages 8 - 16 since 2013. In March 2020 we opened a new ONLINE programs and our families have asked us to keep them going year-round.  So, here we go.

Our formula?

Small groups, low staff to child ratio, and a project-based approach. 

Who are we?

Camp TechWise was founded by veterans of the Computer Camp industry who provided camps nationwide (and internationally) for nearly a decade before starting TechWise in Seattle in 2013. The vision for our program is crystal clear. Without the constraints of a national footprint, we can run a much more powerful tech experience, with our owner/director onsite, a diverse "over-staffed" team (full of returning staff) and all at a price point that allows more kids to join us!

What's it like?

TechWise is about campers creating, learning and being with other people who are into the same stuff they like.

Every week at is different because kids are always getting into new things. That's what we call "learning at the speed of innovation"!

We customize TechWise for each camper. We start with...

  • a class that expands your child's interests, knowledge and comfort

  • with topics that help kids express their creativity with technology

  • using the internet as our classroom so students always know how to find information and remain life-long learners

  • helping kids see technology in action

  • teaching critical thinking, computational thinking skills, problem-solving approaches, and scientific methods so kids can tackle big challenges with confidence

  • offering flexibility for families, such as adjustable schedules

  • having relaxed payment & refund policies

  • having hand picked staff

  • a team with diverse talents

  • teaching what is new and emerging in technology

  • helping your camper create hands-on projects they can be proud of

  • a Director who listens to you.

And then we modify each day to meet the needs of of each child.

Join us!


3 ways  to try it out.

No-risk .

We invite you to "try before you buy", just ask for a free trial.


If you purchase and do not love us, will refund you for any unused days.


Register with 50% upfront. Pay the rest in the middle of the month.



Camp TechWise is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.
(206) 577-7795
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