Camp TechWise

Offering Summer Camps in July & Sept and ONLINE Tech Clubs every weekday afternoon in April, May and June.

Camp TechWise has been proudly providing the very best summer technology camp in Seattle since 2013. We consistently offer campers an individualized program that supports their creativity and interests.

We provide extra value:

  • Commute-friendly hours and flexible start and end times

  • Unbeatable staff-to-camper ratio for tons of 1:1 time

  • Campers can learn multiple topics

  • Project-based learning

  • Drop-in workshops to inspire new interests

  • a team who can support anything a camper wants to make

  • Recreation options, sports and outside games



April - May - June

School is out - TechWise is on!

Join the TechWise summer staff team ONLINE every afternoon from 1pm - 4pm for our new Tech Club hosted on ZOOM ...   for ages 8 - 16.


April - May - June


Two-Week Access  $249

Monthly Access $479

ONLINE Topics, Workshops and Hangouts:

  • 2D Art & Animation with Pencil 2D

  • Advanced Tech Topics: Programming, Linux, System Administration and Securities 

  • Intro to Programming Python & HTML

  • Roblox Studio

  • Minecraft in our private Minecraft server & programming mod to learn how to code 

  • Video Editing with HitFilm and/or Youtube & TikTok videos

  • Digital Music & Audio

  • And….. many other things that campers want to make!

maze Challenge.JPG

Is ONLINE for you?

Systems that support ZOOM and our software best are desktops or laptops with a camera and mic. It is possible to also use ipads and Chromebook to create dual-monitors for an even better experience. It is not feasible to enjoy all aspects of TechWise Online from a cell phone or Tablet, and some systems do not allow software installation and would prohibit access to certain workshops.

Read our FAQs about TechWise ONLINE



Campers can choose just one - or try them all!

Game Design

with Unity, UnReal, Game Maker, Scratch, RPG Maker, Construct2, *MineCraft & *Roblex

Campers will be able to build their own games and test their friend's games in this fun class geared towards the game lover.  We pick the right software for a camper's skill level and the type of game they want to make, which could be MineCraft & Roblex (with parent-enabled personal account & permission) to industry software like Unity or Unreal, and a ton of game authoring tools too. Prefer to build a game from scratch or learn game programming, YES, we do that too!


Live-action, Animation, Editing Compilations, Machinima, Mash-ups

You don't have to be a script writer or performer to love video. Many campers just love YouTube culture and enjoy learning how to make fun videos that mash-up their favorite music and pop-culture memes.  We also can help campers build a fabulous story-board and bring to life an indie film, documentary or how to animate a video short.
Special effects? YES.

Music & Sound

Digital Audio, Sound Recording & Editing, Mixing, Music Videos

Working with our professional DJ and Sound Engineer, students can make original digital music, mix music, record themselves playing instruments or singing and learn sound sweetening and effects, learn audio effects and sound design for games, create lip-sync videos, karaoke, or just play around with synthesizers and audio software. 
Music Videos? You bet.
One-Man Acapella split-screen videos? Yes, let's do it!

Opt-in Workshops

Virtual Reality, Web Design, Illustration, Hardware, Networking, Linux, Robotics, and whatever is new

Every day we offer a set of workshops to introduce campers to new topics. These are staff led sessions where camper's can learn about a technology or see what a software can do and to be inspired by our talented staff. If camper's like something from these over-view introductions our staff will work 1:1 with them to help them jump into this new topic area with a hands-on project.  Topics are chosen based on what camper's seem to like and what staff are passionate about... plus we always offer PROGRAMMING.


Seattle Center

July 13 - July 17

Mt Baker

July 20 - July 24

Phinney Center

July 27 - July 31

Aug 3 - Aug 7

About Us

Learn Globally, Camp Locally.

We have offered 5-day tech day-camps in Seattle for kids ages 8 - 16 since 2013. In March 2020 we opened a new ONLINE program from 1pm - 4pm each weekday.

Our formula?

1 room + 1:4 staff:camper ratio + unlimited tech topics = serious fun & playful learning.

Small camps (one room), filled with staff (who have a variety of talents from coding to music and graphic arts), are inspirational studios where campers can design and create any type of project(s) they want to work on.  Typically campers will create several projects and sample multiple topics.

Who are we?

Camp TechWise was founded by veterans of the Computer Camp industry who provided camps nationwide (and internationally) for nearly a decade before starting TechWise. The vision for our local program is crystal clear. Without the constraints of a national footprint, we can run a much more powerful tech camp experience, with our owner/director onsite, a diverse "over-staffed" team (full of returning staff) and all at a price point that allows more kids to join us!

What's it like?

Camp is about campers creating, learning and being with other people who are into the same stuff they like.

Every week at camp is different because kids are always getting into new things. That's what we call "learning at the speed of innovation"!

We customize camp for each camper. We start with...

  • a computer camp that expands your camper's interests, knowledge and comfort

  • a computer camp that helps campers express their creativity with technology

  • using the internet as our classroom so students always know how to find information and remain life-long learners

  • helping kids see technology in action

  • teaching critical thinking, computational thinking skills, problem-solving approaches, and scientific methods so campers can tackle big challenges with confidence

  • offering flexibility for families, such as adjustable schedules

  • having relaxed payment & refund policies

  • easy drop-off/pick-ups

  • having hand picked staff

  • a team with diverse talents

  • teaching what is new and emerging in technology

  • helping your camper create hands-on projects they can be proud of

  • a Camp Director who listens to you.

And then we modify each day to meet the needs of of each camper.

Join us!


For camps in July & Aug. you can bring your own laptop or rent ours.

Save Money

Bring Your Own Laptop

Campers who bring their own laptop can save money!  We will send home a list of commonly used software to install the week before camp for you to load at home. 

There are some system requirements but most modern laptops will work. (Chrome book and iPads won’t work.) A solid system can have any  operating system, an i3 processor and about 4 GB of RAM.

Want your camper to learn how to upgrade their laptop? Yes, we can show them.

Save Time

Rent a Camp Laptop  ($79)

Our camp laptops are fully loaded and ready to go Monday morning so campers can make the most of their week.

We test and maintain our systems to be fast and to run all of the software beautifully. Plus we have an extra on-hand so we can swap out any system that crashes, a nice insurance to have when camper's are testing the limits of technology. 

Campers will take home all of their working files on a USB Flash Drive.


Summer Camp : Flexible Hours

Choose Your Start and End Times


8:30 AM

or  10:00 AM


4:00 PM

or  5:30 PM


3 little decisions...

During registration you can indicate the topics your camper is interested in... but at camp, campers can choose to do ANY type of project they want. So don't worry. To get registered, just make these 3 little decisions. Oh, and if you change your mind later it is easy to change things.

2013-06-06 21.58.26.jpg

Location & Dates

Seattle Center : Jul 13 - Jul 17

Mt Baker: Jul 20 - Jul 24

Phinney Center: Jul 27 - Jul 31

Phinney Center:  Aug 3 - Aug 7

Laptop Rental

Projects and working files are sent home with campers on a USB Flash Drive.

If you want to bring your own laptop, during registration you can indicate the type you have, and we will check the specs to be sure it will work.  

# of Hours
Each Day


8:30 - 5:30  ($580)


10:00 - 5:30   or   8:30 - 4:00 ($520)

You don't commit to specific times. Yes, you can mix early and late throughout the week.

The camp deposit is $100/week.  You can pay through monthly installments.
Full payment is due June 12th. • All payments and deposits are fully refundable until June 1st, at which time deposits are no longer refundable. • Tuition (minus deposit) remains refundable until July 1st. • If you need to cancel after July 1st, 50% refundable tuition (minus deposit) is available through the second day of camp. • There is no fee to change weeks.


Hold your spot now!

No-risk registration is 100% refundable till June.

Between June 1st  & July 1st  a refund is minus only the deposit.

We never charge fees to make changes.



Camp TechWise is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.
(206) 577-7795
Or sign-up below to receive camp dates and promotional offers.


FAQ for TechWise ONLINE

Do campers sign up for a specific class?

No, campers can just sign up to be online with us and choose from the various workshops we have going.  We survey the campers who are with us to offer and adapt workshops that meet their interests and their project needs.

How does this compare to Camp TechWise summer camp programs?

While we think our Summer Camps are a “can’t be beat” experience (and we can’t wait to have all our friends back together again when it’s safe to do so), this online program is the VERY SAME STAFF.  Yup, all staff are our very own summer instructors.  We are focused on keeping the same culture, principals and goals of our program.

But can kids learn things virtually?

Yes, it’s a little trickier to teach things online, and to share screens back and forth… but, aren’t we all here to master technology anyway?? The “virtual” experience is just a new layer of that same learning!

What are the goals?

The most important aspects of the program is for participants to “find their people”. We all need that social connection, now more than ever.  We are also focused on creative projects… which is a powerful opportunity for healthy expression and distraction from the stress kids are facing.  And… we know kids will be learning a LOT of very cool things from each other and from our amazing staff.

How does this compare in value?

Compared to our on-site Summer Camp you will get more hours per dollar.  If you choose our month-long access you will have an extra 20 hours of access to staff on a dollar-per-dollar comparison (an extra 10 hours in every two-week session)! That’s right, since we are not paying for the building, you will get more bang for your buck.

How does this compare to other online classes for kids?

Our approach is less structured and very interactive. Projects will be camper-centered.  Just as we do in camps, we will help campers find all types of online materials, youtube videos, resources, forums and ‘ways to Google it’ so they develop the real tools of life-long-learners and tech-pros.  In terms of cost, similar topics taught online in workshops for children (usually structured as once-a-week hour-long sessions) are over twice as much per hour.

What is the Staff to Camper Ratio?

Many workshops are very low ratio; 1:4 or even less. Some programs can handle more due to the type of topic or activity and those are closer to 1:8. We also have support staff assisting with coordination and troubleshooting to help things go smooth and/or to add extra breakout sessions when needed.

Will Summer Camps still be running?

We hope so. We continue to plan for camps to run and all camp tuition payments are being held separate and secure to assure we are ready and able to launch camps in July.

Can I use my tuition from camp for this program?

You can.  You can also leave your camp deposit in camps to hold your “Early Bird” place and use any paid tuition for this program.  Best of both worlds.



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